The company was founded by Alexander Miller under a different name in 1971 – the company focused initially on constructing farm buildings and have grown to become of London's top suppliers of Readymix Concrete. These farm buildings play a vital role in the management and production of food. They consist of buildings for animal husbandry and the processing of food crops. The construction of farm buildings requires several basic materials, one of them being Concrete or Concrete Mix, for foundations, milking parlours, cattle slats, silage pits, farm roadways etc.

Readymix Concrete Suppliers

London City Concrete are now one of London's main suppliers of Readymix Concrete. Previously bought in their concrete from the larger concrete suppliers, and as their business grew, their requirement for Concrete also increased and the demand was such that even the larger companies couldn’t keep up with supply, this gave the opportunity to enter the market. Starting with just one truck in 1976 LCC became one of the first family firms to supply Readymix Concrete not only for themselves but also to other building contractors.

The business grew steadily and as each new innovation in concrete production and technology became available, LCC incorporated them into their service. Today their plants are a state of the art Readymix Concrete production and delivery facilities. As technology brought new advances in production, the quality standards also rose. Once the Concrete is mixed with water it must be poured within two hours, in order to comply with the European Safety standards directive EN 206, this is the EU standard that must be adhered to for quality and safety purposes

London City Concrete carry out their own in-house quality standards for EN 206, and in addition are audited once a year to verify compliance in this important area. In addition to supplying Concrete Mix for farm buildings, LCC have provided the service for larger construction companies.